Partners & Sponsors

Filmmaking is a "collaborative" effort that takes a great many resources to be successful. This is especially true in the case of Independently-produced films since they don't have the backing of the deep-pocketed studios to help, financially.

Wherever we are filming, we usually get media coverage by the local television and radio stations and the local newspaper. During the interviews, we always acknolege and thank our local partners and sponsors, add their information to our website and do a social media shoutout. We also include thier information in the film opening (partners) and/or closing credits (sponsors), as appropriate.

Partners: A type of investor. Partners are generally those companies that provide creative services to the project and would include other production companies that provide crew, equipment. and/or processes, like CGI or Special Effects/Makeup, necessary for the completion and success of the film project.Partners usually share in the profits from the film and are credited in the opening and closing credits.

Sponsors: Partners are generally those companies that provide other services and support for the project and would include things like catering services, transportation services and lodging for project cast and crew. Sponsors do not generally share in the profits and are credited in the closing credits.


Sal Lizard, Inc.
Bowling Green, Ky
Managing Partner, The Vampire Santa, LLC


Blaze Sportswear
Owensboro, Ky

T-shirts for cast, crew, and contributors