It takes a lot of funding to make a film. Actors, stunt people and crew must be paid, transported, fed and lodged. Cameras, lighting, and sound equipment must be rented, locations must be secured, sets constructed and "dressed". Talented people for costumes and props (which must be obtained or designed and fabricated). Hair, make up, special effects and CGI artists are essential! Permits, licenses and insurance are required.

Ancillary costs include advertising and marketing, media production, film festivals, and theatrical costs.

Finding the money is difficult, and as much as possible, is offset by strategic partnerships with other producers to provide services and/or equipment for the project. Filmmakers also seek sponsorships from hotels, car-rental companies, and restaurants/caterers.

Individuals help by becoming partners in the The Vampire Sants, LLC. Or through contributions made at the Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

Lines of credit are great, too.

Production Info for The Vampire Santa Movie

Starring Sal Lizard, Tony Todd, George Richardson, Lynn Lowry,
Project typeFeature Film
Production StatusPreproduction:
Screenplay Completed
Roles Casted
Seeking Funding
Budget$5,000, 000


We want to publicly thank the following friends for their monetary support in producing "The Vampire Santa":
Rich Bottles, Jr: $25
Billy Pon: $25
*Bertena Varney: $50

*Tim Skees $25
*Shane Jensen: $5
Shea Salgado: $5
Ken Perdie: $5
USS Aarushi: $22
stang690: $22
Jonathan Lane: $20
Todd Badolato: $22
Anonymous Donor: $20
Thomas "Little Guy" Restivo: $5
Doug Scalzo: $20
*Timothy Sean Worley: $30
Amber Dawn Fox: $10
*Tim Shockey: $110

Thanks, every bit helps! Please help by donating,too, at either of the links above.

*Cast or crew member