Story by Sal Lizard

Sal Lizard, Executive Producer
John Johnson, Director
Allison Laihanen, Screenplay
Bob Mase, Director of Photography

THE VAMPIRE SANTA is the multi-part saga of Nicholas, a kind-hearted 17th-century toymaker who meets three female Vampires, after one of his night-time toy deliveries.. Now, a Vampire, himself, Nicholas meets Vincent, who tries to help him transition to his new life.

But when Nicholas discovers that Vampires prefer the blood of children, he rejects that aspect of his new life and spends his immortality protecting "innocents" (especially children) from those who threaten them -- both human and Vampire.

This series of feature-length movies span the time before Nicholas became a Vampire through his centuries as a vigilante for children with his team of MACK Vampires (Mothers Agains Children Killers) to his present time.

Planned stories include (but aren't limited to) the following: